Court Of Crimson

by Helen Scott and Lucinda Dark


Court of Crimson is book 1 in the reverse harem series Twisted Fae.

We meet Cress who is an abandoned orphan bought up by nuns at the Abbey of Amnestia during war between humans and Fae. As she is turning 21 and being cast away from the only place she has ever known she stumbles upon a magical castle full of Fae. not just any Fae either, but the most powerful of Royal Fae. She meets the 3 Fae princes, The Crimson Prince, The Frost Prince and The Midnight prince. The only problem is that humans don’t just stumble into the Court of Crimson, the Princes suspect Cress of being a changeling — a Fae child left behind at birth in an ancient tradition no longer practised. Facing possible execution Cress better hope she has some sort of magic in her blood otherwise she won’t make it very long in their world. Will Cress do what it takes to make it along side this magical court or will something – or someone- take her down.

My Review

I fell in love with this book straight away! It is a really easy read and having never read a book about Faes before, its wrote in a way that is really understandable and you can follow on with no problems. Cress is a really refreshing character, she is clumsy with a capital C, outspoken and troublesome. She turns heads straight away and not always in a good way but the princes don’t seem to mind that she isn’t what they are used to, they see it as a good thing and its what makes them want to help her in the first place. The princes are all so different and I love the fact that they don’t just all fall head over heels in love straight away they are going to have to work at a relationship if they want it to work (some more than others.) Orion has my heart completely and I feel so sorry for him when its mentioned that people tend to stay away from him just because of his darkness, I wish I could reach into the book and give him big squeeze.

If you have read Court of Crimson then please let me know what you thought of it and if you haven’t read it, then what are you waiting for? Download it now! P.S its free on kindle unlimited!

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