Court Of Frost

By Helen Scott and Lucinda Dark


Court of Frost is book 2 in the reverse harem series Twisted Fae.

Picking up right where book 1 left us, we find out what happens after the Court of Crimson was summoned to Alfheim, also known as the Realm of Fae that is home to The Court of Frost. Tensions rise, romance blossoms, all while there seems to be a new threat around every corner. Being proven as a child of Fae will not keep Cress safe and she will have to learn to put her faith in the most unlikely source to keep her safe. Humans are not tolerated in The court of Frost and a changeling is considered more human than Fae, oh and add the fact that Cress bought her human best friend along for the ride things are about to get really bumpy.

My Review

Wonderfully written and a fantastic story line that once again had me engaged from the start. I loved seeing how Cress deals with being in the Court of Frost and no I’m not just talking about how unbelievably cold it is there! We get to see how each relationship blossoms and everyones personalities come through, is Iceman going to thaw or will being home cause him to freeze over completely? Cress, Orion, Roan and Sorrell have more to worry about than Ariana trying to kill her (thanks to Roan’s shocking announcement), and the one person that knows more about The Court of Frost is the one person she can barely talk to without butting heads. With some seriously steaming hot scenes and watching the main characters interactions change all while trying to keep Cress alive and away from a snake in the grass that is Tyr (Orion’s older brother) this book is full of mystery, suspense, romance and plot twists. You really are in for a bumpy ride with this book, one minute I was laughing my head off and the next I was on the edge of my seat. And Don’t even get me started on that ending! I feel completely sucker punched!

Let me know what you thought of Court of Frost, available to read on Kindle Unlimited.

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