Court Of Midnight – ARC Review

By Helen Scott and Lucinda Dark


Court of Midnight is book 3 in the reverse harem series Twisted Fae.

The third and final book in the series kicks off with an explosive start, where Cress has been kidnapped by Tyl, Orion’s older brother. His betrayal doesn’t come as a shock but it isn’t just Cress in danger, its the whole of Faekind! Darkness, fire and ice. They work together to save the girl they have fallen in love with and uncover some huge secrets along the way, including a wicked secret in the human girls blood. Everyone wants this Gods-forsaken war to end except the human king who is blinded by hate, will they be enough to stop his awful plans? Who will win, who will lose, or will everyone fall victim in a bid to come out on top.

My Review

What a start that had me reading well into the night! Finding out everything that Tyl tells Cress whilst she is being held captivate was shocking, even though she seems to forget everything that’s been said. Roan crept his way into my heart when he stood up to his mum when they where leaving the Court of Frost, I hate a mommas boy who doesn’t stand up for his girl and the things he said was oh so hot! Orion is still my favourite and I hated how he thought everything that had happened was his fault, I wished I could cuddle him and shake him until he realised that nothing his brother does is down to him. Groffet is so funny, he knows the princes won’t do anything to him so he tells them how it is, he has a sarcastic wit that is also caring. Through out the book I found myself on the edge of my seat needing to know what happens next and boy was I surprised when Sorrell finally gave into his feelings for Cress and presented us with a smoking hot scene! Cress and Nellie have a perfect best friend relationship, they are sarcastic and loving and they get along like a house on fire. I loved seeing more of Nellie in this book and I am so glad with how it ended for her.

This series is a must read and will capture your heart from the get go. Twisted Fae is beautifully written and the Authors are the perfect duo to write it. So if you have read these books then please let me know what you thought of them!

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