Bastards and Scapegoats – ARC Review

By Coralee June


Vera’s world is turned upside down when she is thrown into a new public life, when her mum marries Joseph. Vera and her mum never had much growing up and her new life couldn’t be more different. Vera knows that something is off straight away and keeps a good distance from her new family, including her new grandad who she thought she could trust but turns out had dug deep into her mothers past without permission. When Vera starts having feelings for her new ‘uncle’ Hamilton, tensions rise, lines are drawn and Vera seems to be being pulled in all different directions. Is it taboo or just unconventional? When things become overwhelming and uncontrollable Vera is forced to team up with an unlikely person to save her mother.

My Review

This isn’t the usual storyline that I would read but Coralee drew me in straight away, I writing is superb and the characters are relatable. Vera is an interesting character, she isn’t tough as nails but has gone through enough in life to make her strong in other ways and not bitter. At first I felt like she was weak and annoying however as the story goes on we find out why she is like this and end up sympathising with her. Hamilton is a breath of fresh air and doesn’t care who his family is or about keeping a good public image, he’s funny and really cares for Vera until his secrets are revealed and everything comes crashing down around him. Vera’s mum needs a good slap upside her head, the way she treats Vera is horrible and even though we find out why she is the way she is, it’s difficult to know whether to feel sorry for her or not. Jack is another character I’m not to sure about, he wants to do the right thing but doesn’t know how to as he has always been about his public image. What an ending though! It wasn’t quite a cliff hanger but it was equally as intriguing.

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