Sweet Possession

by Lucy Smoke and A.J. Macey


Sweet Possession is book 1 of the Criminal Underground series.

America had the chance to be the good girl, and keep her mouth shut. But she chose to come forward in hopes to protect many more people, unfortunately that meant she lost everything along the way. Everything she’s ever loved. She lost her family, her home, her identity. She lost them. 5 years later she thinks they are back, she can feel their eyes on her, watching her, stalking her. Except they are not there to hurt her or threaten her. They are there to protect her. Because to them, she is everything they desire. Mary is their love, their hate, their infatuation. She is their sweet possession. How long can her guys stay watching in the shadows when a new danger threatens to tear them apart… again.

My Review

Not my normal type of read but, wow… What a start, the authors had me hook, lined and drawn in with a WTF just happened! The characters are utterly believable, the main character is a seriously strong young women who is always putting others first. With her change of identity she has to act like a quite, meek young thing that has no back bone named Mary. Once her guys show up she slowly transforms back into her old self, the America they love. After losing everything in her life she never thought she would see the 3 hot, dangerous men in her life again. But she is their obsession, their sweet possession. Of course they would find her. After fighting off hitmen that her father has sent after her, with the help of her guys she shows just how strong and badass she is when she walks into her dads club to take him down. I found myself going from the edge of my seat to having to find something to fan myself off with. Seriously some of the hottest scenes I have ever read! Boy do these authors know how to write BDSM!

A must read for sure and with book 2 coming out on the 18th December, why wait?

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