7th Circle – ARC Review

By Tate James


7th Circle is book 1 in the Hades Series by Tate James.

5 years ago Hades masterminded the infamous massacre of the Tri-state Timberwolves. The streets ran red with the blood of every member loyal to Hades’ father. Not a single one was spared. Hades let the media twist and distort the story, the new recruits eagerly proved themselves in spreading false news, to cover all tracks. To the general public, the Tri-State Timberwolves were extinct. But that’s not the truth. They changed, they grew, they evolved and came out stronger than ever. Hades now lives, eats, sleeps and breathes Timberwolves, doing anything possible to keep the empire and the people depending on them safe. So what does Hades do when its their own weakness that places everyone in danger? Simple. Kill the distractions.

My Review

WTF Tate?! So if you have read the Madison Kate series and was left hanging by the ‘not a cliffhanger’ cliffhanger, you will know about Hades, not who they are but you know of them. Well I can say whoever you think Hades is, you are wrong! Now to right the review without spoiling who Hades is.

Firstly, Tate James is a freaking genius. Just like with the MK series, she captured my heart with the first chapter. I was not expecting Hades to be who they are and was well and truly shocked. In a good way of course! This series has plenty of recurring faces as well as brand new characters, like always they will ruin you.

Tate gives us just enough information to have you hanging on the edge of your seat, yet still guessing what just happened before. One of the best cliffhangers I have read and I am gasping for what is to come next. Well done Tate, you play a dirty game with my poor heart.

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