Torment (Part 1) – ARC review

by Dylan Page


Torment part one is the first book in The Bleeding Hearts series, it is a dark, taboo, age gap, MC, contemporary romance.

For most of Minas life, her older stepbrother Shay was her hero, her rock and her best friend, the only one she could truly rely on. When she was younger she was accepting and trusting of everyone and everything, until she grew up and the veil was lifted and she started to realise how messed up everything was. The men she considered uncles and close family friends are members of the dominant MC, The Celtic Beasts and Shay isn’t just a proud member. He is the one that does their dirty work. The only thing that can ground and comfort him is Mina. But she has bigger plans, bigger dreams, she doesn’t wanted to be apart of this dark, bloody and violent world. she wants to escape but Shay won’t let her. What do you do when your protector becomes the very root of your torment?

My Review

I was not ready for this book! I had some major Sons of Anarchy feels and I was sucked into this world with Mina. I loved the whole back and forth between past and present tense, I haven’t seen this in many books so it really stood out to me.

I was hooked in the first chapter and all I could think was “seriously, what has happened to her?!” We then jump back to when Mina was 7 years old and her mum had started seeing a new guy, James. Mina and her mum both loves James and finally Mina was meeting his 13 year old son Shay and the club that they are apart of, who all welcomed them with open arms. Shay and Mina had an amazing connection straight away and Shay acted completely different with her than he has with anybody before.

Mina is a sweet young girl who becomes Shay’s rock, she just wants to please everyone and takes on all the guilt when anything happens, this is mainly to do with the fact no-one has taught her to deal with her emotions and feelings in the right way. She is very easily manipulated, but since talking more and more with ‘Stud Muffin” she is starting to realise that not all is as it seems.

Everything in this book is explained in such vivid detail, from the scenes to the characters and it felt like I was actually right there with everyone. I had so many questions and theories throughout the book and was left with a major book hangover! I need the next book like yesterday!

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