By Penelope Black


Wolf is book 1 in The Brotherhood series

“Kiss a stranger.” Those 3 words started off a series of events Alaina could never have predicted. Fresh from graduation, Alaina has her entire summer planned out: a European vacation with her cousins, college courses and picking up some extra shifts at work. But then her mum calls and drops a huge bomb. She’s getting married to the rumoured head of the Irish mafia. Alaina and her mum haven’t lived together for 10 years, but that hasn’t stopped her from seeking out her mothers approval and wanting to be close to her. So when her mum asked her to stay with her for the summer she jumps on the train excited for what the next few months will bring. She also makes a new summer plan: skip the vacation, take online courses and dig up dirt on her mums new fiancé. What she didn’t plan for was a dangerously handsome, tattooed bad boy to pick her up and take her to her new home. Add his brothers to the mix and Alaina is looking at a very exciting summer. Oh, and they are her new stepbrothers.

My Review

I love a good mafia book and this one did NOT disappoint. Add that with the Irish slang and oh boy we have ourselves an outstanding book. Now I must say I fell in love with the book before I even opened it! I mean that cover…. just WOW!

Alaina is a young girl who just graduates from high school and has been living in a dorm with her best friends and twin cousins Maddie and Mary. Now I love this trio! I found myself laughing at their antics and thinking this is just like me and my close friends. They spend their time in an Irish pub down the street where they sing every Friday night. Alaina is looking forward to spending her summer with her cousins in Europe, that is until her mum calls telling her she has to come home to meet her new stepfather. Alaina was not expecting her stepbrother Wolf to be a tall, dark haired, tattooed man. They both hit it off straight away, and then Wolf’s brothers Rush and Sully return home and things get messy. But what else would you expect from a book with a reverse harem, mafia and the stepbrother taboo?

The ending had me hanging onto the edge of my seat and I was definitely not expecting it at all! I loved the fact that this book was mainly about Alaina and her cousins and then her and Wolf and not meeting the other brothers until nearer to the end. I can’t wait to jump into the next book – Rush.

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