By Lucy Smoke


Blurb ~


Love. It’s a name given to people that you care about. And it was a name given to a little girl that no one cared about. The irony is not lost on me. I’ve always been a bit separate. First in my family and then in my relationships. Maybe you have to understand the emotion to feel it. I’ve never understood how people will lie, cheat, steal, and murder for it. Why some people hand it over like pennies in their pockets. Or others hoard it like it’s their only valuable possession. I don’t do either. I’m convinced I don’t have any love to give. Someone is going to have to breathe life into my damaged soul before I can ever even consider loving them. 


I’m a shit storm just waiting to happen. Actually, scratch that, I usually don’t wait for anything or anybody. The only things I give a fuck about are my boys–my band–and my little sister, Ally. I’ve gone from underground kid fighter I was to whatever the hell I am now–guardian, bandmate, neighbor to a fucking woman that messes with my head. I want to know her secrets, her pains, and everything dark inside of her and whether or not her darkness matches my own.

My Review and Edit

“I’ll hold the world on my back if she asked me to.”

Such a lovely book to read! Easy read that gives you all sorts of feelings. You can tell just how much emotion and time has gone into writing this and as a reader, that really makes it that much better.

Tax and Love have very similar backgrounds, their parents didn’t give a hoot about them, although the were both handed this is different ways. Love’s step mom was a real piece of work, Love was made to do everything and anything whilst her step sister did nothing (although this isn’t her fault and she still loved Love.) As soon as she could she got out of that hell hole but found herself in a new one that wasn’t any better. Tax was made to fight for his family, he was told that it was to help them and he would do anything to protect his little sister. As soon as he could he got out, but he returned for his sister and took care of her when she needed him most.

When Tax and Love meet you feel the chemistry straight away and it was truly something! But relationships aren’t easy and this one is no exception. A must read for sure!

*Edit is mine, photos are not.

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