Say I’m The One (ARC)


Id like to start by apologising to my Kindle. It’s all Siobhan’s fault I nearly snapped you in two. I promise.
I knew I was going to be in for a gut wrenching story from the prologue but I was not prepared.
I have just read my favourite book of 2021 and I may even go as far as saying of all time.

Meeting Vivian, Reeve and Dillion has changed my life and I couldn’t be happier about it. Viv’s journey is one hell of a ride, from the spotlight Hollywood brings to the obscurity of an Irish transfer student, you cant help but be drawn in and get thrown around on the rollercoaster that Siobhan has locked us on to. As soon as I thought I had all the loops figured out we are thrown around one hell of a corkscrew and this is when I knew I would never get over this ride.

This is for sure my favourite duet yet and I have only read book 1 and after that utterly wicked cliffhanger I need book 2 like yesterday!

It’s funny.
It’s steamy.
It’s heart warming.
It sucker punched me into oblivion.

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