Dead Mans Isle

By Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti


Gah, that ending! I was about ready to gouge my eyes out just to know what happens next!!

Rogue is brilliant. She is the perfect mix of Tatum and Brooklyn. Them three girls would get on like a house on fire thats for sure. Sassy, sexy and super funny. One of my favourite leading ladies to date.

Rick, Rick, Rick you may just be my favourite of the guys yet. Getting to read his POVs where definitely my favourite part of the book, JJ may be the funny one but Mavvy just steals all of my attention.

Speaking of JJ, boy oh boy I would love to see one of his shows. He surprised me for sure in the most amazing way possible… I cant explain more than that without ruining what happens so you’ll just have to read to find out.

Chase, well he’s just a dick I think. I know he will redeem himself but I’d really like to stick a seahorse in his eye…

Foxy boy needs to really chill out, once he gets over the fact he cant own Rogue then Im sure we could get some hot group sex action from them all.

Shawn. Fucking Shawn. You piece of shit. But I did love his POV! Getting to see in his sick, delusional mind was brilliant.

So many questions. So many possibilities. Whatever will Caroline and Susanne do to them next.

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