Carnival Hill by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti🎡🎠


Ok. What the fudge muffins was that ending?! Like serious that couldn’t have been it? I spent about five minutes trying to keep scrolling on my kindle to see what happened next. I can honestly say the next person who says that Caroline and Susanne’s cliffhanger are not bad, I will slap upside the head.

These characters drive me crazy, I love and hate them all at the same time. Rogue is fantastic and gets better and better with every passing book, she is a hilariously, sarcastic queen who deserves a happy ending like no tomorrow. Fox, well I still hate him, I think I will hate badgers for the rest of time and Im not sure if my opinion will ever change on that front. Mavvy Boy and JJ are my firm favourites that I will forever be in love with. Now Chase, My hearts bleeds for this boy. A boy I didn’t like who has now captured all the left over broken bits of my heart. I loved seeing more of Luther in this book, I kinda like the dude and hope things don’t turn too sour for him. Do me a solid ladies and leave him in tact, I’ll take him off everyones hands and sail away with him into the sunset.

I finally though we was getting somewhere and everyone was going to end up happily together, of course I was wrong and now I feel unbelievably silly because well, fucking Shawn. He’s even crazy than I originally thought and thats saying something. Im honestly not sure how things are going to turn around for our gang of misfits because everything has just well and truly been fucked from all angles and I’m just waiting for everyone to die in a huge shoot out. I pray that doesn’t happen though because, well I’ll cry!

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