Sawyer by Siobhan Davis

My gosh, I just knew Sawyer would slay me but I was not prepared for the emotions I felt whilst reading this. Sawyer and Xavier have always had a love hate relationship, driving each other crazy yet there is no denying there smoking hot chemistry. We are taken on a journey diving deep into all the different layers that make up the cold indifferent Sawyer we have come to know. Siobhan has managed to open him up to us whilst staying true to his character that has been built up throughout the series.

Having read all the other books in the Rydeville Elite series I was not expecting Sawyers story to turn out the way it did. Like always the Elite are there to mess things up and screw with the gang once again. Twists and turns had me hanging on the edge of every word waiting to see what happens next. Siobhan is a mastermind who not only creates a world full of corruption and lies but also manages to intwine her other books in to it, giving us some amazing cameos from some of our other favourite characters.

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