Forbidden To Love

By Siobhan Davis


If you like Mafia romance then you need to be reading Siobhan’s work! Action, heartbreak, drama and swoon worthy moments, this book has everything you could ask for.

Natalia and Leo’s attraction is undeniable from the very beginning, I had the need to fan myself down from just looks alone. They fight this attraction as best as they can, things aren’t easy for these two and that wont be changing anytime soon.

Mafia life is complicated and being in love with a guy you can never have makes it even worse, marriages are used to solidify relationships and nothing more. With Natalia’s strength she accepts her future of being married to a made man and the responsibilities she has to family. No matter what life has thrown at her Nat has always held her head high and thinks of the best ways to go about every situation, she’s level headed and thinks about the best course of action for dealing with it.

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