By Tijan


I cant remember the last time I read a book where I completely neglected my house work in order to read, I read this book straight through (other than putting it down for five minutes to put the kids to bed) I cooked dinner one handed with Canary firmly in the other trying my hardest not to let dinner burn because I was so hooked on this storyline.

Raize, sweet baby Jesus he has flown into being one my top 5 book boyfriends, he is everything I have dreamed of and more! A dangerous killer who is protective of his own, smoking hot and is not lovey dovey in the slightest, yep my kinda guy right there.

Our leading lady is different than any I have read before, she is quiet and beautiful yet strong and fierce. She finds herself in this life to try and save someone but with a unique gift that no one else has she ends up being traded and betted for.

The secondary characters really helped to bring this book alive and it wouldn’t have been the same without them, I sure hope we get to see more of them in the future and of course Gus, I need me some more Gussy Gus Gus.

That was an ending I did not see coming. I had my theories and I was so far off track I may as well have been driving in another country. Im still in shock over the events that went down and had to read a few chapters twice to really take in all the information.

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